Can SMO and SEO co-exist in 2014?

Can SMO and SEO co-exist?

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Some time ago, it was really easy to choose between SEO and SMO, as SEO was the only way to optimize a website and rank it well in search engines. The confusion began in experts mind when the concept of social media optimization (SMO) came into the action. It contributed social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other with several new facilities like chatting, sharing information (Photos, videos, content etc.), make friends online, applications and games that attracts user intention.

The social attraction gave internet marketing experts a new vision to take advantages of these social platforms in driving website traffic, influencing targeted customers and increasing awareness for their brand freely. The analysts also noticed that social media is not only a source to achieve goals quickly, but also a biggest advancement in SEO efforts. Now business owners and marketing experts pay attention to what keywords give benefits to their business socially and in what means SMO supports SEO?

It created a debatable environment among internet marketers and analysts, ”Which one is better?” Some of them provided us similarities and differences between SEO and SMO given below:


  • Keys of link-ability are content, design and usability.
  • Quality content always praised and an important factor for both SEO and SMO success.


  • SEO works on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, but SMO have their own social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.
  • You should actively take parts in communities and social activities for SMO success, but in SEO participation is not a necessary factor.

But this is a kind of discussion that never be reached on a conclusion in lack of analysis and unsatisfactory outputs. Now new point strikes on mind, “Can SEO and SMO co-exist in future?” I really think that the combination of SEO and SMO can only be the complete package of online success in 2014. As Google algorithm changes time to time, it is necessary to keep your both eyes opened on both processes. Matt Cutts announcement remains SEO alive in which he said that “link building is still a ranking factor”.

So, if SEO is the process of inbound links, outbound links, keywords link with web site and on-page optimization, then SMO is the presentation of search engine activities in front of your targeted customers and the co-existence of both is the “WIN WIN” plan for a business.

This is all what i think or assume. I really appreciate your views on this topic whether SEO and SMO co-exist in future or SMO will overtake the SEO?


Content Marketing: a way ahead to your competitor!!

Content Marketing

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It is necessary to know about your customers for building a business. In online marketing of a business, content marketing is an important part to win your customer and business to customer relationship.  Content marketing works fine if you create fresh and quality content that people love to share on other sites.

There are several ways of content marketing that people know about, but what important is how to promote that valuable content to attract people and motivate them to become your permanent readers. So there are five tips that are very simple and effective to share your content online.

Know Your Audience

It is important to know your target audience. For any business, it is necessary to collect some details like target region, what people are looking for, what attracts them more etc. It helps you to create right content with fresh idea that your audience loves to read. Also the content should be relevant to your business and should describe business objective as well. Online surveys, Q/A activities, competitor analysis and customers reviews are the best places to analyze what people like and dislike about your brand and business.

Unique and Actionable Data

Text is a vital part of content marketing, as it is time consuming and sometimes boring. So it is great to make your title actionable and create unique content to attract readers. Your summary should be simple and creative so that reader goes through your blog post once. It should be informative and error free. Avoid grammatical mistakes to make content simple and understandable. You can use online tools to proof read your content. Some of them are Grammarly, Copyscape and Proofguru.

Share content Socially

Social media sites are right place to share about your products, site updates and content. Today, around 35% people are willing to buy a liked product. So to make business profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ is great way to get free visitors, customers and fans. Now days, there are several paid and free social media tools available online to update, manage and track social activities. Social profiles are surely low-value links, but their impacts are big.

Content Exchange

Content exchange is great for online marketing as it is very easy to write a unique and relevant content and can give to bloggers as guest posts or publish on article directories. Guest posting on blogs works very well with decent content and to maintain relationship with bloggers. It will provide opportunities to build no of links. Joining communities, following authority blogs and sharing informative blog posts are the other examples of sustainability efforts that help to interact and engage with bloggers and readers.

Graphical and pictorial presentation

As we all know pictorial and graphical presentation get more attention than Text. So, Text is not only the way to promote content socially. You can use your content in other forms like PDF, Slides, Images, and Info-graphic. Video conversion and pod casting are other great examples of content marketing.  These sources make your content creative and effective enough to attract readers.

Google Reader is dead, what is next!!


Google announced that they were quitting the Google reader, on March 13, 2013. It was really shocking news for Google reader users, including me. Google gave time for users until July 1, 2013 to shift their data from Google reader to another reader.

It sounds very sad that Google reader is closed officially, yesterday. After seven years and approx nine months, Google stopped user’s favorite feed reader services instantly. As Google reader has closed some people find its alternative and some are still searching. So here are some good options explained below:

Feedly gets more benefits, after the closure of Google reader in all other readers. Statistics shows that “around 500,000 new users joined in 48 hours and 3 millions in next two weeks after announcement of Google reader closure” (Wikipedia). It is a free and beautiful design platform like Google reader.

The Old Reader is another free interface that can be used with desktop browser. The best thing of this reader is it has several sharing features with simple and similar design like Google reader.

Newsblur is free only up to 64 feeds and paid approx $3 per month after. It is best desktop application for RSS readers and also applicable for IOS or Android versions. It contains lots of sharing option with ability to see globally shared posts.

Digg Reader announced to launch one similar feed reader like Google to take advantage on its competitor. It is another free interface but currently in testing process. Digg knows the business demand and busy in building new feed API for Google reader users.

You can find more options on web, but I think there is no alternative of Google reader as I learn to read news, writer’s posts, social activities and judgment of good or bad content from there. So, RIP Google reader and find some good option to read your feeds now.

It is more appreciated if you can share your experience about what RSS reader you are using as an alternative of Google reader in comments.

Pinterest Updates: Changed Design and Advanced Features

Pinterest unveiled many new and some of its older features this year. It looks like Company was busy in making a list of user’s desired features and design that makes Pinterest a valuable service provider. Now, Company is launching every update one by one. A lot of new features not only provide Pinterest a new and fresh look but also improves the user experience.

Let’s have a look on these small but effective updates that shows the hard work of company to make Pinterest more user-friendly on web and other platforms like mobiles and tablets too.

New Site Design

  • Pinterest changed its site design slightly. Now, pictures are shown bigger and clearer. Profile page has been looking small for same number of boards due to big picture size.
  • Pinterest also announced the ability to add friends with “@” tag before their name and you can now easily find the pins of user you are following.
  • Another older feature to find twitter and facebook friends on Pinterest has reestablished now.

Pinterest Mentions

Search Your Own Pins

Recently added feature is “search your own pins”. It is a new search filter revealed to help users to find their own old pins on internet.

“We hope you enjoy searching across all your boards and finding hidden treasures along the way,” Hui Xu, Software Engineer at Pinterest said.

It helps to those people who have lots of pins in their account as well as people who want to pin some useful information in their account for future use like some cooking recipe.

It is very simple to find your pin. Suppose I want to search “Ring”, I just type query in search box and click enter. After process, there you find two options “All pins” and “Just my pins”. So, select second option and there you find “Ring” in your older pins. See the picture below:

Just my pins

Are Pinterest updates over? Or will Pinterest launch some other good changes soon? I am hungrily waiting for some more good changes on Pinterest like “pin promote” Option.

How do you feel about new design, search and navigation options of Pinterest? Please share with me in comments!!

3 Best free Online Tools to Measure Social Media Engagement

Online marketing is a process to promote your business over the internet. In this process, social media plays a very important role whether you’re managing different portfolios for branding of your business or to interact people through social media sites for advertising your products and services.

Manage a social profile or site is a very different task than actively handle social media outreach to generate positive ROI. To measure social media engagement, I prefer these 3 free online social media tools for small businesses:


Klout is one of the finest tools I have ever used so far to track social activities. Klout tracks your activities on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and more. Then it gives a score on the basis of your social performance on these social channels. It measures your social engagement, your followers and their social activities to give a score from 0 to 100. Klout score is a signal of your social engagement and popularity on social channels.

Klout is another best online tool to track overall activities on Twitter. Here it provides a dashboard after SignUp through your twitter account. Your dashboard displays three columns

  • Prioritized Feed
  • New and Old Followers
  • Other options

Here the most important column is Prioritized feed column. It contains important options that are highly valued members and followers (consider replying, consider to follow and consider to unfollow).



We can also say this tool a metric oriented tool as it more relies on graphs. It is free for only one twitter account. It is made to import statistics like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. It reports some graphs given below:

  • Reputation indicatorsTwentyFeet
  • Following analysis
  • Influence indicators
  • Lists
  • Conversations
  • More details

TwentyFeet only provide a way to track your engagement over different channels. It is different from because it doesn’t provide information about relationships like who is engaging with you.

Google Algorithmic Updates: Changes from 2007 to 2012

Previously, Google has released the 24th panda update that affects around 1.2% English queries in SERP and we heard about 25 panda update release soon. So my point is from where it was started? In 2012, Google released Exact Match Domain (EMD) update and penguin update. These updates affect around 2.4% English queries in SERP. It hasn’t started from yesterday or a year ago. Google regularly updates its algorithm since 2003 Florida Update to maintain the quality of results shown in SERP. Google is trying to kill low quality sites form showing up in SERP and in last two years Google has updated its search algorithm several times. If we look on the statistics then we can find that Google has updated its algorithm many times in a year.

Here I am trying to explain the six major updates in last 6 years that hasn’t only changed the quality of search results, but has refined the user experience in online searches.  See the info-graphic below:-

Google Algorithmic Updates Infographic

Google Algorithmic Updates Infographic

Google Buzz: Stop Blocked Site Search Feature

Google had introduced blocked site search feature in march2011. The purpose of this feature was to allow users to block specific site from search results. After 2 years, I read this massage-

“Google said:

The Blocked Sites feature is no longer available. To block particular sites from your search results, we recommend the Personal Blocklist Chrome extension from Google.”  (Source: Search Engine Land)

This feature has stopped working from Dec 2012 and few days ago Google clarified that “blocked search services are no more available for blocking sites in Google searches”. Now what surprised me that Google provided alternative to use this service by installing chrome extension for this same job.

Is Google planning to increase the user of chrome browser? Or there will be a Firefox extension launched soon for same services. It isn’t decided yet, but if you want to continue this service, first install chrome then its extension.